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Hi. Are there any plans to offer the Orion's Puzzle Collection and Elansar & Philia (Dreamcast versions) as digital downloads (either to existing customers or as a separate purchase)? I'd love to buy these, but can't afford them in physical form (and shipping to my country is a huge hit or miss).

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can i buy a digital version of elansar and philia for dreamcast? i live in south america - ecuador, and pricing for a physical disc and send costs are not affordable for me, can you sell me a digital cdi of them intead? i got a gdemu, because my gdrom died, so i cant play a physical cd neither, soo a digital cdi would be apreciated.

any answers to this mail thanks.

I sent you an email, if gdemu can read ".cue/.bin" file format, then I can provide you with Elansar and Philia in this format on digital download.